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What is a flight case?

Posted on Mar 04, 2019

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A flight case is a very strong, portable protection device, usually in the form of a wheeled wooden cabinet with metal protection on all edges and corners. It will often have spring loaded handles, reinforced metal corner protection and feature internals designed to protect valuable items during transportation.

Rhino® flight cases are made from slow grown high density birch plywood to ensure maximum strength without a significant weight penalty. The plywood has a rugged outer “skin” of protective laminate that is bonded to the plywood to ensure long service life. The flight cases are then built into the desired shape and size by using heavy duty aluminium extrusions specially designed for maximum strength. This is complimented by a variety of galvanised steel handles, corners, hinges and catches, determined by the specific model. Rhino® rolling cabinets – “roll cabs” – have heavy duty large braked wheels to make manoeuvring as easy as possible, even with heavy loads.